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Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Diagnosis

Knowing what tests to do can help you get an accurate chronic kidney disease diagnosis. It can guarantee you to get correct treatment and diet.

Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Exercise

The combination of work and rest is very important in patients with chronic kidney disease, and patients should be encouraged to exercise properly when physical conditions permit. The following points should be paid attention to in sports: ...

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What Kind Of Disease Is Renal Insufficiency

Core Tips: It is common to hear renal insufficiency in kidney failure patients, which indicates patients are in a series of complications caused by low kidney functions. More and more patients consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR, what kind of diseas...

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What Kind of Tests Do If Patients Have Kidney Problems

“What kind of tests do the doctors recommend for the patient if they are having kidney problems? I already have Edema, irregular Proteinuria and pain in the lower back and flank pain.”...

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What’s Life Expectancy for Patients with 18% Kidney Function

“Hello, doctor. I am a kidney failure patients and I have some serious symptoms which trouble me a lot. Now I have only 18% kidney function, and the doctor has been asked me to prepare for dialysis, but I don’t want to start dialysis....

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Do You Know How Dangerous Your Chronic Kidney Disease Is

We hope we can help more CKD patients to improve their renal function and get rid of dialysis as far as possible. But there are also many patients who are not aware of their renal damage....

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The Importance of Diagnosis of CKD

More and more CKD patients have to take Kidney Dialysis or even Kidney Transplant to maintain their disease condition and prolong their life. But how much do you know about your illness ? What is its etiology ? Is diagnosis important for you...

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Alteration of Urine Volume Shows the Severity of CKD Patients

Here the article offers a brief introduction of the alteration of urine volume in different cases,hoping can help you take better care of yourselves. ...

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Why Does CKD Cause High Blood Pressure with Creatinine 1.6

CKD is a chronic disease caused by various disease. In fact,high blood pressure is just one of the symptoms of CKD.So what are the causes of high blood pressure in CKD patients?...

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Why Does Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Have A High Mortality

Chronic Kidney Disease is a kind of relatively benign disease with a slow development.However,why does Chronic Kidney Disease patients have a high mortality?...

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Why Do Most of CKD Patients Remain Unaware of This Disease?

Chronic Kidney Disease,called CKD,is a a progressive loss in renal function over a period of months or years.Why do most of CKD patients remain unaware of this disease?...

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