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Long-term Intake of Pain-killer & Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-09-22 17:27

Long-term Intake of Pain-killer & Chronic Kidney DiseasePain-killer is used to relieve patients’ pain partly or absolutely. In our daily life,pain affects the living quality and some of us may suffer from the psychological illness owing to the long-term pain. So pain-killer plays an important role and has been widely applied in clinic. Many patients use it to against physical pain. But there is also some misunderstanding about pin-killer. Here the simple article may help you learn more about it. ONLINE DOCTOR can offer you more details quickly for free.

Chronic Kidney Disease,caused by various reasons,is a clinical general term. In early stage,there lis no obvious symptom that can remind people of the kidney disease. However,as the time and disease develop,the lesions may become worse and worse. Besides,all body systems and organs will be damaged either. And then,risk of CVD (Cardio Vascular Disorder) will increase and cause death.

So what is the relationship between pain-killer and CKD?

Actually,pain-killer may contain much renal toxic substances,which may influence the kidney function in a long time. These accumulation of substances may gradually damage the renal interstitium and cause the Microalbuminuria. What’ worse,it may even cause the Kidney Failure.

Analgesic nephropathy is a type chronic disease. Nevertheless,due to the unobvious symptoms,patients usually seldom notice these symptoms.

For CKD patients caused by pain-killer, these medicine and some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be forbidden. So it is should be limited to take the pain-killer. Besides,taking any medicine has potential dangers that may causes some other problems. In addition,to keep a healthy living style is important for patients to relieve their disease condition.

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