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Two Leading Causes Of CKD---High Blood Pressure And Diabetes

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-10-30 10:15

Two Leading Causes Of CKD---High Blood Pressure And Diabetes  Do you know high blood pressure and diabetes are the two leading causes of CKD? Survey shows that more than 70 percent of all cases of chronic kidney disease are caused either by diabetes or by high blood pressure. In fact, most cases of chronic kidney disease can be prevented, but too few people with diabetes or high blood pressure realize that they are at risk. We should realize the perniciousness of high blood pressure and diabetes.

How does high blood pressure cause CKD?

High blood pressure is one of the common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If patients with high blood pressure can’t control the blood pressure effectively and the course of disease is over 10 years, his kidney function may be damaged. People will have symptoms like frequent urine at night and proteinuria. These symptoms indicate your damaged kidney function. Some patients may even develop into end-stage renal failure. High blood pressure and kidney disease are linked closely. High blood pressure can cause chronic kidney disease, people with CKD can also have symptom of high blood pressure. If you have both high blood pressure and kidney disease, you need to get clearly about your illness and have right treatment.

How does diabetes cause CKD?

Diabetes is not only a disease with symptom of high blood sugar, but it is also harmful to your vital organs like heart and kidneys. About 30%-40% diabetes may develop into diabetic nephropathy (DN), and nearly 40% DN will develop into uremia finally. Patients with DN have no symptoms in the early stage. When patients have symptoms of edema and high blood pressure, their illness always get into middle or advanced stage. Kidney function may be damaged when people get diabetes. So it’s important to prevent the disease. Regular examinations for micro albumin in urine will be helpful for diabetics. If you have got kidney disease with diabetes, it’s better for you to go to hospital for further examination and have positive treatment.

Take care of your health and pay more attention to the uncommon symptoms of your body. If your diabetes or high blood pressure develop into CKD, don’t be too nervous. Positive treatments can reduce the progression of your illness.


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