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What Is The Treatment For Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-22 11:45

What Is The Treatment For Chronic NephritisChronic nephritis is not an independent disease, it is often caused by other kidney disease which is about the impaired glomeruli. It often accompanies with the symptoms of proteinuria, high blood pressure and edema. Although this disease progresses slowly, it will develops into kidney failure if people don’t have effective treatment timely. Patients who have chronic nephritis may have questions like this: what is the treatment for chronic nephritis?

Treatments for chronic nephritis

1. General dietary principle

As we know, people with kidney disease should keep a strict diet in the daily life. Therefore, chronic nephritis patients should also observe this principle. Patients should limit the daily intake of salt and protein. Take a limited salt and protein will reduce the burden of kidneys and protect the remainder kidney function. On the other hand, if people have edema with chronic nephritis, they should also limit the fluid intake. They should follow the advices of their doctors to have a right diet which will improve their illness condition.

2. Prevent the possible factors which can cause kidney damage

There are many factors that can cause kidney disease, so patients should pay more attention to preventing these possible factors such as infections, medicine drugs, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia. If they have these factors, they should have effective treatments timely in order to prevent the further damage of kidney function.

3. Control high blood pressure

We all know that high blood pressure and diabetes are the two leading causes of kidney disease. If people have high blood pressure, they should first control their blood pressure into the normal range. They can take the medicines like ACEI and ARBs which are effective medicines to reduce the high blood pressure. This can also delay the deterioration of kidney damage.

4. Using antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulant drugs

These medicines have the functions of improving the microcirculation disorder in the kidney, stabilizing the kidney function and reducing the kidney damage.

5. Using hormone drugs and immunosuppressive agents

These drugs have the function of blocking the inflammatory response.

6. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for kidney damages

This treatment is based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines, and it has a great influence on kidney damage. This treatment has four functions: dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degradation of extracellular matrix. It can improve the kidney disease from the root and it also can protect the remainder kidney function and repair the damaged kidney cells.

If you are interested in this treatment and you want to get further information about it, you can leave a message to us, we will give you the answer quickly.

These treatments mentioned above will help you to improve your illness condition. If you are suffering from chronic nephritis or any other kidney disease, you need to have exams to a professional hospital timely. If you treat your kidney disease in an early stage, you will have a better prognosis and live a high-quality life.



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