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How Chinese Medicine Therapies Prevent Nephritis from Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-01-14 14:33

How Chinese Medicine Therapies Prevent Nephritis from Kidney FailureBeijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses Chinese medicines correct kidney disease like nephritis. Most cases will develop into kidney failure finally. How do Chinese medicine therapies prevent Nephritis from Kidney Failure?

Why chronic nephritis will develop into kidney failure?

Chronic Nephritis can be treated well in general as long as patients take proper treatment method. However, the treatment effect is different from the aim of treatment. If you only focus on relieving the symptoms of chronic nephritis like edema, proteinuria not focus on its underlying cause, you will find that although the levels decrease, the condition deteriorates.

In chronic nephritis, patients’ kidneys have been severely damaged due to excess immune complexes. Most patients take western medicines to reduce protein in urine but ignore to repair their damaged kidneys. As a result, once they stop medicine, the level will increase again and the condition will worsen to kidney failure.

How do Chinese medicine therapies prevent nephritis from kidney failure?

Patients should receive treatments that can control the immune reaction, clear away immune complexes, repair kidney damage, and restore a part of renal function. In this way, chronic nephritis can be prevented and treated well from kidney failure and get a good prognosis.

Immunotherapy: It can help regulate immune system, cease the immune reaction of kidneys, thus preventing further kidney damage and creating great blood environment for the next treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is an external application therapy that contains many unique Chinese medicines which can repair damaged kidney tissues to restore renal function by dilating blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix, anti-inflammation, and anti-coagulation.

With the help of systematic Chinese medicine therapies, chronic nephritis can be inhibited to prevent kidney failure. We will choose different medicines according to patient’s illness condition. If you are interested in them, please email medical reports and phone number to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave a message in the below form or click ONLINE DOCTOR for free guidance.

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