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Toxin-Removing Treatment: Chronic Nephritis with Proteinuria 2+

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-10-13 15:22

Proteinuria is one of the common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. How to treat proteinuria radically? Mature Toxin-Removing Treatment is strong recommended.

Bill is a Chronic Nephritis patient. He has treated the disease for about 5 months in the local hospital. He did not satisfy the treatment results so that he left the hospital. And later, he wanted to treat it radically, and then he came to our hospital via Internet.

Before treatment, urine test result showed protein 2+, occult blood 1+. We put the key of treatment on removing the toxins deposition in kidneys out of the body. Under a complete examination, we arranged him systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment to regulate kidney environment and restore his kidney filtration function.

Toxin-Removing Treatment: Chronic Nephritis with Proteinuria 2+

Through a period of treatment, his protein in urine and occult blood became negative. He said, “I finally treat my condition radically. And I can live better. TCM is really amazing.”

Toxin-Removing Treatment: Chronic Nephritis with Proteinuria 2+

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