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Can Herbal Medicines Cure Chronic Glomerulonephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-13 11:19

Can Herbal Medicines Cure Chronic GlomerulonephritisChronic glomerulonephritis is one group of diseases that damage kidney filters, called glomeruli. If uncontrolled effectively, it will eventually progress to kidney failure. As western medicines can’t deal with it completely, more and more patients turn their focuses on herbal medicines. Well then, can herbal medicines cure chronic glomerulonephritis?

The comparison between western medicine and herbal medicines

In clinic, western medicines are always used for treating acute diseases and managing some discomforts. Generally, they can ease patients’ symptoms quickly. Herbal medicines have a superiority on adjusting patients’ inner body system and managing chronic disease, through regulating patients’ qi, blood, yin and yang. Compared with western medicines, herbal medicines have fewer side effects but need relatively longer time to work.

Can herbal medicines cure chronic glomerulonephritis?

The unfortunate answer is no. Once kidneys are damaged, it is impossible to cure it completely. What we can do is to repair damaged but not necrotic kidney cells and protect remaining kidney function. For patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, some herbal medicines can help achieve obvious effects:

1. Rheum officinale: On one hand, it can help ease glomerulonephritis symptoms like azotemia. On the other hand, it has an obvious effect on improving patients’ kidney function by increasing the self-curative ability of damaged glomeruli. Besides, it is also effective on lowering high blood pressure and high blood fat.

2. Thunder god vine: It has a property of immunosuppressant, so it is able to inhibit over reaction of immune system and prevent further glomerular damage. For this reason, patients can use it to slow the progress of chronic glomerulonephritis.

3. Semen plantaginis: As a natural diuretic, this type of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help increase kidney output, so as to remove more waste products out of the body and ease patients’ swelling and other symptoms.

Today, we only introduce three of herbal medicines. In fact, many other medicines can also help treat chronic glomerulonephritis, and different medicines are suitable for different patients. If you want to get personalized prescription, you can email the description of your illness condition to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave a message below.


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