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Chronic Nephritis & Loss of Appetite

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-14 17:24

http://www.kidney-healthy.com/expert.htmMost of patients with Chronic Nephritis felt that they were always no appetite or did not want to eat foods. Actually,you have lose much of protein in urine,so to supplement nutrition is necessary for them to keep current situation of their body. But it seems too difficult to achieve. Here the article can help you get more information about the relation between Chronic Nephritis and inappetence. Contact the ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Chronic Nephritis is a common renal disease that may be caused by various reasons with different pathological types. It has a long-term process and a slow development that may cause some bad influence for patients’ life. In clinic,Chronic Nephritis may be characterized by massive proteinuria,severe edema and so on.

So why do some Chronic Nephritis patients have no appetite?

Actually,owing to the renal damage,some toxin,waste,metabolite and excess water can not be excrete,causing the increase the high blood pressure. Besides,the accumulation of toxin may cause some damage to patients nerve,causing the loss of appetite. Moreover,as the time and disease worsen,damaged kidneys will effects multisystem and multiple organs,and digestive system may be damaged firstly. Thus appetite of patients will be impacted.

There are no specific therapies that can be taken to treat patients poor appetite. What can patients do is just to keep their daily intake of nutrition or improve their physical condition as far as possible. But owing to the massive leakage of protein,most of patients can not maintain their body in current situation. With their reduced immunity,infection become easier.

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