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Causes of Foamy Urine with Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-08 13:47

Causes of Foamy Urine with Chronic Nephritis Foamy Urine usually due to the increased surface tension of urine caused by the organic or inorganic substance in urine. It may be caused by the unhealthy dietary habits and daily routines. However,it is not a good symptom for Chronic Nephritis patients. Patients with Chronic Nephritis may find that many foams in the urine and they do not disappear in a long time,which means that there are excess protein in urine.

So why does Chronic Nephritis cause the lots of protein in their urine? ONLINE DOCTOR can help you get the information directly and quickly for free.

Chronic Nephritis,short for Chronic Glomerulonephritis,is a kind of primary glomerular disease that may be caused by various reasons. Glomerular may be damaged firstly,which may lead to some obvious symptoms. Foamy urine is just one of these symptoms. Owing to the impaired glomerular filtration function,protein can not be blocked effective,causing the leakage of proteinuria i urine. And then patients may find that there are some bubbles in their urine.

Foamy urine is bad symptom that can remind the existence fo the renal damage. So paying more attention to yourself or you loved one may can prevent the disease from damaging. To control and relieve the leakage of proteinuria,Western medicine may advise you to take some medicine,such as ACEI or ARB. As antihypertensive drugs,ACEI and ARB really can reduce the high blood pressure and decrease the leakage of protein.

However,medicine can control and ease patients disease condition,which is not equal to treat patients kidney damage. You need a better treatments to treat your kidney disease. May Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is more suitable for your disease condition to avoid Kidney Dialysis. No one want to live their life depending on the machine.

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