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What Are The Morbidity Characteristic Of Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-16 09:53

Chronic Nephritis,Morbidity CharacteristicLots of people are in chronic nephritis. What are the characteristics of Chronic Nephritis? What are the symptoms of chronic nephritis?

Clinically, chronic nephritis is a kind of persistent and refractory nephropathy. Therefore, if we want to achieve a satisfactory therapeutic effect, we must first understand the characteristics of this kind of nephropathy. On the basis of fully grasping the clinical characteristics of chronic nephritis and then applying characteristic treatment, then effectively curbing its harm will become relatively simple.

Characteristics of chronic glomerulonephritis

The characteristics of this nephropathy are relatively special in clinical practice, which requires a clear understanding. Chronic nephritis has the same characteristics as most chronic diseases: complicated etiology, strong concealment, difficult treatment, recurrent attacks, etc. Because it has a certain degree of concealment, it is difficult to diagnose accurately in the early stage. Many people mistake it as a temporary physical discomfort. In fact, chronic nephritis at this time has begun to invade the body. Then what are the symptoms of chronic nephritis at the early stage?

Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to detect the condition in time when chronic glomerulonephritis starts to develop. We need to understand that the initial symptoms of chronic glomerulonephritis is generally not very obvious.

In fact, the disease is some manifestations, there are four common: edema, hypertension, albuminuria, hematuria. Nephritis edema is often characterized by edema of the lower extremities and edema of the eyelids in the morning. Edema of the lower extremities is often mistaken for standing too long. Many people discovered their hypertension by chance. Only after examination did they find chronic nephritis. Proteinuria and hematuria gradually appear when the disease is aggravating, and the harm is especially great.

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