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Symptoms Of Early Glomerulonephritis In Women

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-10 15:06

Early Glomerulonephritis,Symptoms,Women1. Different degrees of infection. The incidence of glomerulonephritis is closely related to the infection of patients to a certain extent, such as common upper respiratory tract infection, laryngopharyngitis and so on. When symptoms of these infections occur, the patient must be checked in time to rule out the possibility of nephritis.

2. The body appears edema. One of the most common symptoms of female nephritis is edema of the body. The most common areas of edema are the face, lower extremities and chest and abdomen. At the same time, patients will also appear fatigue dizziness, waist pain and other symptoms, urine may be mixed with blood, and urine color abnormalities. These may be early symptoms of nephritis, once these symptoms appear, female friends must pay attention to, early detection and treatment.

3. Abnormal urine output. Some female nephritis patients may appear in the early stage of urine volume abnormality or urination frequency increase or decrease and other symptoms, especially the number of night urination more than three times should be paid attention to, in time to the hospital for urine sampling inspection, in order to find out whether kidney disease.

4. Accompanied by high blood pressure. In the survey of female nephritis or inside, there are nearly a third or have high blood pressure symptoms, generally for dizziness and fatigue, poor sleep quality and other symptoms, long-term will seriously affect the normal life and work of patients. Once such symptoms occur, it is necessary to seek medical examination in time, so as to timely detection of nephritis and early treatment.

5. If female nephritis develops to a moderate degree, anemia symptoms will also appear, often feel dizzy and weak, poor complexion and other symptoms, this time need to receive timely examination, in order to symptomatic treatment.

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