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A Letter of Thanks for Regaining Health and Happiness

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-03-02 13:38

A Letter of Thanks for Regaining Health and HappinessSometimes, have a healthy body is just a desire for some people. There is an Oman patient with Chronic Glomerular Nephritis. She has Proteinuria for ten years. After taking Toxin-Removing Therapy of our hospital, she had obvious improvement.

To express her thanks, she wrote a letter to us. Here are some excerpts of the letter.

“It is hard to go! When I arrived, Emmy told me that your patients do not like to leave and it was hard to believe it. Now I know! You changed my life! You improved my movement (a lot!), the function of kidneys goes unbelievably well, but the most important, I think: you opened my mind!!! I will talk to everybody about the Chinese Culture, the Chinese Medicine, your hospital, you personally: my doctors, my nurses, my translators, my FRIENDS……”

And then she thanks someone helped her one by one and thanks for making her happy, healthy, and teaching her.

Actually, as medical person, we are happy to help the patients who need help and we will do utmost to help them.

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