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Does Nephritis Cause Pain

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-10-28 14:05

Does Nephritis Cause Pain The frequency and high harmfulness of Nephritis in modern society, more and more people pay attention to this disease and want to lean more about the symptoms of Nephritis and avoid the renal lesions as soon as possible. So is it pain ? Are there any other symptoms in clinic caused by Nephritis ? Online Doctor can offer you more details about Nephritis directly and quickly for free.

In general, Nephritis will not cause pain. Sometimes, mild backache may appear,but pain is not the main symptom of Nephritis. Like weakness, anorexia, edema, gross hematuria, hypertension , reduced urine volume even CHF (congestive heart-failure),ad so on are common in Nephritis.

Except pain,patients can evaluate their own state of health from other symptoms in Nephritis:

1. Foregoing History of Infection

Suppurative tonsillitis, high fever will appear on a sudden or chronic onset a month ago.

2. Onset

Reduced urine volume, oliguria even anuria. At the same time, gross hematuria will also appear. Besides, the change of urine test results i similar to Acute glomerulonephritis.

3. Edema

About half of patients may suffer from edema on their face or lower limbs. Once edema appear,it is difficult to cure.

4. Hypertension

It may appear the time of onset or during the disease. Increased hypertension is not good for patient’s disease condition.

5. Renal damage

General exacerbation on renal function is the main feature of this disease. GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) and renal tubular dysfunction will appear at the same time.

If you are diagnosed with these symptoms, please pay more attention to your health and avoid worse damage.

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