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Take Care of Yourself, My Dear Friend

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-01-25 15:38

Take Care of Yourself, My Dear FriendDuring the cold season, rain and snow are frequent, which will increase Chronic Nephritis patient’s blood pressure and reduce their renal function. Besides, cold and fever will also cause many other complications, worsening their disease condition. So it is necessary for Chronic Nephritis patients pay more attention the Notes as follows:

1. Avoid catching cold

Cold stimulation will constrict blood vessels, increasing blood pressure, effecting the effective blood perfusion of kidneys and reducing renal function. So dress right for the weather, keep hands, feet and skin clean and dry and avoid cold, infections and injury is beneficial for patient’s condition.

2. Keep an emotional balance

Severe mood swings will cause the subtle changes of kidney disease, leading to other problems. So patients should learn to control the emotion, avoid negative induced emotion, like impatience, pessimism and so on and cooperate with doctors actively.

3. Take a healthy diet

Owing to the particularity of kidney disease, to make a scientific diet is good for patient’s health. Proper intake of high quality protein and less intake of water, salt and fat can help protect their remaining renal function, avoid renal burden.

4. Take regular Examination

Regular examination can help patients take control of their renal damages better, avoid severer renal damages. Taking enough rest and paying more attention to prevent frostbite can help patients reduce many problems.

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