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What Are The Diet Considerations For Patients With Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-22 11:37


What Are The Diet Considerations For Patients With Chronic NephritisWhat are the diet considerations for patients with chronic nephritis? This maybe a common question for patients with chronic nephritis, and all of them should know exactly about their daily diet. We all know that patients with kidney disease should pay more attention to their daily diet, and a rational diet will help the improvement of their illness condition and prevent the aggravation of kidney damage.

In the early stage of chronic nephritis, patients may have no symptoms or have some obvious symptoms like hypertension, proteinuria, edema etc. Patients should know how to eat good depending on the symptoms they have. The illness condition may be different from case to case, but there are also some general dietary principles that they should obey.

1. Take proper protein everyday

Patients with chronic nephritis often have the symptom of proteinuria because of their damaged glomeruli. In order to reduce the kidney burden, patients with chronic nephritis should take proper protein everyday. The amount of protein they need to take differs from case to case, so they should follow the advices of their doctors. On the other hand, they should take high-quality protein food such as egg whites, milk, meat and fish.

2. Keep a low-salt intake

If patients have symptom of swelling or edema, they should reduce the salt intake. Because too much sodium accumulate in the blood will cause the excess fluid store in the blood, which will cause edema and high blood pressure. The high sodium foods contain table salt, baking soda, baking powder, cheese, snack foods, saltwater crab etc.

3. Limit the fluid intake

Patients who have swelling should also limit the fluid intake everyday. Taking too much fluid will aggravate the symptom of edema and damage the kidney function seriously.

4. Change potassium intake

Our kidney can keep a stable range of potassium level. When the kidney is damaged by chronic nephritis, patients may suffer from high potassium or low potassium which are both harmful to people. When the potassium level is abnormal, people should change the potassium intake based on the potassium level.

5. Reduce the phosphorus intake

Chronic nephritis can increase the phosphorus level easily, so if patients have a lab test and result in a high phosphorus level, they need to get rid of the high phosphorus foods like peanut butter, sardines and so on.

Patients with chronic nephritis should follow these general dietary principles. If your are suffering from chronic nephritis, you should first get accurate information about your illness, then you should follow the advices of your doctors. If you want to get a rational diet depending on your illness condition, you can sand an e-mail to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. Our professional doctor will help you.


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