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Diet for Patients with Chronic Nephritis and High Blood Pressure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-22 13:39

Diet for Patients with Chronic Nephritis and High Blood PressureChronic nephritis is a group of glomerular disease, and it is the inflammation in kidneys. It is a slowly progressed disease. In the early stage, there may be no obvious symptoms for patients with chronic nephritis. As the development of chronic nephritis, people may experience some symptoms gradually. High blood pressure is a common symptom for patients with chronic nephritis.

About 80% patients with chronic nephritis may have high blood pressure, or nearly all the chronic nephritis patients may develop blood problems when they progress into end stage. Therefore, it becomes particularly important for chronic nephritis patients to control the high blood pressure. Early and well control of high blood pressure will help the patients to slow down their illness condition and protect the residual kidney function. Besides medical treatments, the proper diet can also help control high blood pressure of chronic nephritis patients.

Diet for patients with chronic nephritis and high blood pressure

Limit the intake of water and sodium

For patients with chronic nephritis, they may have high blood volume even in the early stage. If they take too much sodium and water foods in daily life, their blood pressure will be elevated seriously. So, it’s better for them to limit the intake of water and sodium, and it will help relieve high blood volume.

Keep a protein-controlled diet

Patients with chronic nephritis and high blood pressure should take proper protein everyday. A low-protein diet always means less protein wastes can be reduced. If the protein wastes such as urea nitrogen and cretinine are reduced, it can help decrease the kidney burdens and slow down the deterioration of kidney function.

I want to recommend a common vegetable to the patients with chronic nephritis and high blood pressure, and this vegetable is celery. It has a great function of reducing the high blood pressure, and it contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphrous, which are good for people’s health. It can be cooked or people can drink celery juice to reduce the high blood pressure. Besides, there are also some other foods can control the high blood pressure such as spinach, black fungus and fresh corn.

As patients with kidney disease should follow a strict daily diet, and the restrictions are different from case to case. So, before planning for a personalized diet, patients should ask the advices of their doctors, who know clearly about the patients’ illness condition.



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