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Pregnancy-related Problems for Chronic Nephritis Female Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-06-20 11:14

Pregnancy-related Problems for Chronic Nephritis Female PatientsFor most of female patients with Chronic Nephritis,the pregnancy-related problems are major concerns for them. Can they be pregnant ? Or can they have children ? Here the article will introduce several unsuitable situations for patients who want to be a mother. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

In general,most of Chronic Nephritis patients need to take some measures to treat their kidney disease and then consider the pregnancy problems. Here are some unfavorable situations of pregnancy for female patients,which may can help patients take care of theirselves.

1. The women who are in active chronic nephritis with serious high blood pressure and chronic renal insufficiency is not suitable for pregnancy.

The rest plays an important role in treating Chronic Nephritis. Pregnancy may delay or even aggravate the the disease condition.

2. The female patients who are with massive proteinuria are no suitable for pregnancy.

Pregnancy will reduce the plasma albumin and cause severe edema,increasing the blood pressure or even leading to heart failure.

3. If female patients’ blood pressure is higher than 150/100mmHg,they’d better not to get pregnant.

4. Chronic Nephritis patients who accompany with chronic renal insufficiency can not be pregnant.

For patients with chronic renal insufficiency,the accumulation of toxin in body may cause Kidney Failure,affecting the quality of eggs and sperm and threatening to life. Besides,the pregnancy will also increase the renal burden,endangering their own lives. Worse,it may also cause fetal malformation,abortion or stillbirth.

5. Some patients with severe infection,such as urocystitis,hydronephrosis,etc,are also not suitable for pregnancy.

This disease needs to use more antibiotics,which may effect the health of fetus. So Do not be pregnant provisionally.

Moreover,for patients who have received Kidney Transplant,it is not good for them to be pregnant. Almost they need nearly a year,under the guidance of doctors,take some measures to reduce the rate of teratogenesis.

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