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Chronic Nephritis Patients Are not Fit to Eat Mango

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-09 16:09

Chronic Nephritis Patients Are not Fit to Eat MangoMango is one the most famous tropical fruits and known as "the king of tropical fruit". After the improvement,it has spread many countries. For its delicate flesh,peculiar taste and abundant nutrients,mango is loved by the people. However,for patients with Chronic Nephritis,mango is not good for their disease condition. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Chronic Nephritis is a group of glomerular diseases caused by various reasons. In general,the kidneys have minor injury and patients just have proteinuria or occult blood etc. In this stage,if patients received the timely and effective treatments,their disease condition may be controlled easier. Meanwhile,Chronic Nephritis is very easy to relapse due to the cold or infections. And then patients condition may worsen or even develop ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease).

While most human cases are relatively mild,a healthy diet should also be maintained. Mango contains a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients. It is rich in sugar,protein,mineral substance and vitamin. It is beneficial to inhibit the death of cerebral cells and reduce the pressure on the brain. However,mango is not good for our kidneys,especially for patients with renal damage. So Chronic Nephritis patients should not eat mangoes. Besides,high sugar in it may increase the renal burden,aggravating the kidney damage.

For all most of patients with kidney disease,keeping a healthy diet plays a very important role in controlling and relieving their disease condition. Limiting the intake of salt and water can ease the edema level and control the higher level of blood pressure. In addition,a proper intake of vegetable ans fruits are also good for patients physical condition.

But different patients have different symptoms. If you have other questions or want to know more about your disease,pleas leave message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com with your detailed disease condition,we are glad to offer you more professional guidance for you as soon as possible for free.

Hope you are healthier.


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