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Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Eat Ketchup

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-23 18:06

Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Eat KetchupKetchup is a table sauce. As far back as 300 BC, different recipes featured ketchup made of mushrooms, oysters, mussels, walnuts, or other foods, but in modern times the term without modification usually means tomato ketchup, sometimes called tomato sauce, or red sauce. There are so many food that need to take ketchup. So is it suitable for Chronic Nephritis patients? More information please contact ONLINE DOCTOR.

Chronic Nephritis is a group of primary glomerular disease with various pathogenesis and pathological patterns. In clinic,it may show some symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome,such as edema,proteinuria,microscopic hematuria and so. As other Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD),there are no obvious symptoms and complications that can remind patients of the renal damage in early stage. According to the different clinical manifestations,this disease can be divided into 5 types. But once patients are diagnosed with high level creatinine,patients disease condition is not optimistic.

Ketchup is rich in nutrition,such as B vitamins,DF(dietary fiber),mineral substance,protein and so on. Ketchup has moderate health benefits. Ketchup is a source of lycopene, an antioxidant which may help prevent some forms of cancer. Besides,Ketchup,much like marinara sauce and other cooked tomato foods,yields higher levels of lycopene per serving because cooking increases lycopene bioavailability. The taste of ketchup is delicious and stomachic,which is very good for patients.

What’s more,it is especially suitable for patients with Chronic Nephritis,arteriosclerosis,high blood pressure and so on. This may because the lycopene can inhibit the growth of bacteria and clear away the free radical. And then the patients disease condition may be delay and controlled. If you like it ,you can take it to supplement the vitamin and other microelement. Besides,it can also increase the immunity and reduce the refections.

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