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How to Diagnose Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-22 11:27

How to Diagnose Chronic NephritisChronic nephritis is a kidney disease of glomeruli, it is caused by various etiological factors. Chronic nephritis develops slowly and progressively, and it often has no obvious symptoms in the early stage. But when people find they have chronic nephritis, they may have kidney damage and reduced kidney function. So the early diagnosis is very important for people with chronic nephritis, which will protect their residual kidney tissues. Then, how to diagnose chronic nephritis?

As the development of chronic nephritis, people will suffer from obvious symptoms, such as swelling, tiredness, high blood pressure, foamy urine and frequent urination at night. People can diagnose if they have chronic nephritis from these symptoms. But it is often inaccurate, because other kidney disease may also have these symptoms. Therefore, they need to have some other accurate diagnosis, such as medical tests.

Medical teats to diagnose chronic nephritis

Blood test

Generally speaking, blood change is not obvious in the early stage of chronic nephritis. But when the level of serum cretinine and blood urea nitrogen increase, it means the severe decrease of kidney function. Therefore, through measuring the level of serum cretinine and blood urea nitrogen, people can know their kidney condition.

Urine routine test

For patients with chronic nephritis, they may have excess protein and red blood cells in the urine. A urine routine test can check whether people have proteinuria or blood urine.

Kidney biopsy

This test is to make sure whether the kidney disease is chronic nephritis. Kidney biopsy is usually be recommended when the kidney disease is not confirmed.

Above are the diagnosis of chronic nephritis. As we know, chronic nephritis is not an independent kidney disease, and it may accompany with other kidney disease. People should pay more attention to it. The early prevention and diagnosis will help people treat the disease as early as they can.



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