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Skin Infection In Children May Lead To Glomerulonephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-09 11:02

Skin Infection,GlomerulonephritisThe function of the kidneys is to continuously filter and expel human wastes. Hematuria and proteinuria occur when the kidneys do not work properly to remove the waste. But if properly treated, more than 95% of acute nephritis can be effectively treated, but prevention is particularly important. Therefore, parents should be careful, must not be careless, delayed the child's illness, miss the best opportunity for treatment.

Children are noisy and always do not pay attention to scratching their skin. If they do not pay attention, they may cause infection. This is a common phenomenon in life, and very few people attach importance to it, think that a little dressing is OK, but little is known that frequent skin infections may lead to the occurrence of acute nephritis.

Generally speaking, nephritis is the inflammation of the kidney, is the abbreviation of glomerulonephritis, is a streptococcal infection of allergic diseases, nephritis is the most common clinical kidney disease. Acute nephritis in children is a common disease in children, the incidence is higher, especially tonsillitis or skin purulent infection, are prone to secondary kidney immune damage, acute nephritis.

Children with acute nephritis are most common in preschool children, especially in children over the age of 3. Usually after a week of cold and skin infection, children nephritis is easy to appear. Because of its various manifestations are not painful or itchy, if parents do not carefully observe the changes in children, it may delay the illness. Generally speaking, acute glomerulonephritis in the first 1-4 weeks of onset often have acute tonsillitis, skin pustulosis and other precursor infections.

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