What Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Regulate Creatinine

2017-01-18 16:17

What Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Regulate CreatinineHigh Creatinine Level is a dangerous sign for Kidney Disease patients. Nowadays, increasing patients are interested in Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat Kidney Diseases. However, what Chinese Herbal Medicine can regulate Creatinine Level?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than 2,000 years of history in medicine that has been used to treat various diseases, including Kidney Diseases. Because Chinese Medicines are from nature, so they are healthy and safe for patients, more and more foreign patients come to China for Chinese Medicine Treatments.

What are the natural Chinese Medicine Treatments for regulating Creatinine?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is an external application treatment based on TCM. With the rapid development, we create Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy combine with advanced technology. Through several years of clinical application, it has been proven to be effective in treating kidney disease. It aims to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and improve kidney functions through dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degradation and providing necessary nutrients to kidney.

Foot Bath Therapy

Foot Bath Therapy is just such a treatment that focuses on improving the blood circulation in feet, so as to spread to the whole body. It has a good auxiliary effect on treating a variety of diseases. Hot foot bath can help improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, relieve fatigue, and increase immune system.

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy

It is based on Special Immune Examinations and our experts’ special Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM, choosing Chinese herbs which have functions of activating blood and dissolving stasis, then make them into capsule as oral taking medicine, so as to detoxify the toxic pathogens in Heart, lung, spleen, stomach, liver and twelve meridians of the body and improve patient’s immunity.

Through systemic treatments, the damaged kidney tissues can be repaired and kidney functions can be improved naturally, so High Creatinine Level will be reduced fundamentally. Proper and timely treatment can help patients live high quality life. Any question, you can leave message below or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR at any time or contact us via the following ways.

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