Is It A Worrying Level Of Creatinine 1.4 for Kidney Disease

2016-11-12 11:08

Chinese Medicine,Reduce Creatinine 1.4,No DialysisIs It A Worrying Level Of Creatinine 1.4 for Kidney Disease? People with chronic kidney disease often hear their doctors or nurses talk about creatinine. It is really important for people to worry about that due to the importance of it. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Do you need to worry about creatinine 1.4?

For this question, I can tell you that creatinine 1.4 have been a dangerous level. We know our kidneys have strong metabolic ability and strong compensation, and kidney damage can not induce high creatinine level until more than half of kidney function is damaged, so once high creatinine occurs, it indicates kidney damage and reduced kidney function. High creatinine level can not happen until half of kidney function is damaged. Thus, if you have creatinine 1.4, I think you' d better take timely effectively treatment now.

What treatment can be adopted for creatinine 1.4?

For this kind condition we will recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy for you. That is due to this kind of treatment can work well for high creatinine level caused by deficient kidney function, repair the root cause-- impairment of kidney function, and rebuild-up kidney function. With damaged kidneys, there are unhealthy, injured and necrotic intrinsic kidney cells. For necrotic intrinsic kidney cells, they are dead and lose the ability of working. There are no such medicines which can revive kidney cells, while there are such medicines that can repair intrinsic cells. By repairing intrinsic kidney cells, kidney function can be improved effectively. As long as your kidney function is improved, high creatinine level will be reduce. Also you have the chance of getting rid of dialysis and keep alive like a normal person.

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