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What Should be the Best Herb Treatment For Protein In Urine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-11-07 11:24

Chinese Medicine,Herb Treatment,Reduce Protein In UrineWhat should be the Best Herb Treatment For Protein In Urine? Protein in the urine also called as proteinuria, it is always an early symptom for kidney disease patients, which means the kidneys has been damaged. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why we want to tell you about herb treatment for protein in urine?

If the protein urine cant be controlled well, it may cause further damage for kidney disease patients, so patients choose every methods to reduce their protein urine. But the curative effect is not really good. So now I will tell you some Chinese herb treatment for protein in urine over here.

As we know, in western countries, most of the doctors are asked their kidney disease patients to take western medicines, which can help control the symptoms and complications very well. However,western medicines often have side effects for patients, and patients need to take the medicines for a long time. When they stop taking the medicines or reduce the dosage of medicines, the symptoms can be worsen again.

Comparatively speaking, Chinese herbs are much better than western medicines. Because Chinese herbs have no side effects for kidney disease patients, and herbs can help relieve the symptoms and remedy the kidney disease. Therefore, Chinese herbs are popular for more and more kidney disease patients.

Here are some common Chinese herbs which can help treat protein in urine.

1. Leech

2. Periostracum Cicada

Besides, there are also some other Chinese herbs for kidney disease patients to treat protein in urine, such as eupolyphaga, scorpion, centipede, agkistrodon and pangolin. Kidney disease patients with protein in urine can try these Chinese herbs to control their protein urine. However, as the illness condition will be different form case to case, so patients need to first ask the advices of their doctors to take a right amount of these herbs.

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