Creatinin 10 Do Not Want to Take Dialysis: Is That Possible

2016-11-04 13:57

Chinese Medicine,Reduce Creatinin 10,No DialysisCreatinine 10 do not want to take Dialysis: is that possible? Yes, if you do not want to take dialysis, we can help you to deal with this kind of problem with different treatment. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What we can do for patients with creatinine 10 do not want to take dialysis?

Dialysis as a kind of effective treatment for kidney failure patients with creatinine 10 is useful, but not means it can not anything for them, such as repair kidney damage, restore kidney function and so on. Maybe you think creatinine is too high for common people, dialysis can reduce it quickly. That is right, but it will bring lots of side effects too. Sometimes we can not deal with all these side effects, which will increase the damage on kidneys. So that I will recommend some kind of treatment which do not have side effects over here.

What kind of treatment is useful for patients to reduce creatinine 10 without dialysis?

Chinese medicine is good for the kidney disease treatment and the whole point is that it do not have side effects. Toxin-Removing Treatment is the mainly treatment in our hospital, it includes a series of Chinese medicine therapies which can clean toxins in blood for patients at first and then treat disease from root reason-- repairing damage on kidneys.

Once kidney damage repaired that kidney function can be restored in some degree, that kidneys will have some power to discharge toxins by themselves. So that creatinine will be decrease naturally without dialysis.

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