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How to Restore Kidney Function for Patients with 5 Years Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-11-04 13:54

Chinese Medicine,5 Years Dialysis,Restore Kidney FunctionHow to Restore Kidney Function for patients with 5 years Dialysis? As a matter of fact, 5 years dialysis do not means you have no chance for your disease. That should be consider about your illness condition. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Is there still have chance for 5 years dialysis patients have a improvement?

Some people think they do not have any hope for the disease due to long time dialysis. I have to say, as long as their condition well-- have urine output, stable creatinine level and so on, that they still have chance to improve their kidney function or disease.

Do you want to know why? As long as they have urine output that means the kidneys is not really dead, they still have some functions. That is maybe due to there have some kidney tissues were damaged not dead. Stable creatinine level means other organs are still good and kidneys do not have so severe damage. So that for the damaged kidney tissues, they can be repaired, but for the dead, we can do nothing.

What treatment can give a chance for 5 years dialysis patients improve kidneys?

Relay on dialysis can not improve kidneys in most time. That is due to this kind of treatment have too much side effects which will increase the damage on kidneys.

For this kind of condition that Chinese medicine treatment will be a good choice. All medicines are come from natural herbal plants without side effects and able to clean toxins, repair kidney damage to control creatinine and symptoms. With this kind treatment for long time the kidney function can be improved.

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