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How to Reduce Creatinine Level and Improve Kidney Function at the Same Time

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-11-02 11:46

Chinese Medicine,Reduce Creatinine Level,Improve Kidney FunctionHow to Reduce Creatinine Level and Improve Kidney Function at the same time? As a matter of fact, high creatinine level have closely relationship with kidney function. Improve them at the same time is possible. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why kidney function have closely relationship with high creatinine level?

Creatinine as a kind of excretion of human muscle, it can be discharged out of body by kidneys. That is to say, kidney function should be work well that kidneys can discharge these waste products. That will keep creatinine level in a normal range.

As long as kidneys have damaged that kidney function will be lose in some degree, then renal excretion function will be decreased. That will lead to high creatinine level.

As a matter of fact, only have high creatinine is not really terrible in sometime, the question is that high creatinine level are easily to lead to a lot of symptoms and the toxins will also have bad effect on other organs. So that if you want to reduce creatinine and control it well that you have to improve kidney function at first.

What kind of treatment can improve kidney function for patients with high creatinine level?

Of course, even though dialysis can reduce creatinine level effectively, but it is not the good choice for improve kidney function. Chinese medicine treatment, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy and so on. They are good at repairing kidney damage and restoring kidney function without side effects. After a period of treatment with these therapies that kidney function can be improved, then creatinine level can be reduced naturally.

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