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How to Reduce the Damage of Children Nephritis on Children

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-10-23 14:40

Chinese Medicine,Children Nephritis,without HormoneHow to Reduce the Damage of Children Nephritis on Children? It is a big problem if children with any disease. That is due to their development is not completely yet. Common hormone treatment will have great damage on them in the future. Now Chinese Medicine can help them. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Children nephritis belong to autoimmune disease, patients age mostly range in 5-10 years old. Nowadays children acute nephritis turns to be more and more, this is because the weather is hot, children is easy to have diseases caused by streptococcus, amygdalitis, pharyngitis and scarlatina and so on. on the autumn, body have allergic reaction to streptococcal toxin and then causing to children acute nephritis.

After having acute nephritis, whether illness condition is serious or not, they should be rest at the bed about 1-2 weeks, avoiding sever activity and at the same time, giving patients low salt diet with high glucose, appropriate fat.

Daily care of acute glomerular nephritis patients is important to earlier recover, if do not pay attention to rest or have improper treatment, it would be easy to prolong disease course, anemia, kidney function damage would appear and turn to be chronic nephritis.

Is that okay to use Chinese medicine treat children nephritis?

All parents are worrying about that medicine will bring lots of side effects and hurts on children. While Chinese medicine is different from hormone, all medicines are come from natural herbals. That is to say there do not have chemical composition damages the child's physical health and development. Furthermore, Chinese medicine will make their body condition more and more strong, with suitable treatment and medicines in our hospital will give them a much better growth condition.

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