Why Chinese Medicine is Better Than Western Medicine to Treat Kidney Disease in Some Time

2016-10-16 11:37

Chinese Medicine,Western Medicine,Treat Kidney Disease WellWhy Chinese Medicine is better than Western Medicine to treat Kidney Disease in some time? Kidney disease is not simple as some people think. Most countries are common use western medicine treat for kidney disease. But sometimes the curative effect is not good. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the differences between Chinese medicine and Western medicine?

Advantage of western medicine

The first advantage of western medicine is visible, whatever disease it is, there is kinds of tests can show it with figure.

The second advantage of western medicine is directness. Western medicine can eliminate symptoms in a short time.

Advantage of Chinese medicine

The first advantage of Chinese medicine is treating disease from the root, it doesn’t meaning that western medicine can not do that. While these two style medicine has two different treatment idea. Western medicine pay more attention to eliminate symptoms.

The basic idea of western medicine is restrain. Hormone to restrain proteinuria, diuresis to restrain swelling,diminish inflammation drugs to restrain occult blood, dialysis to restrain high creatinine, kidney transplant after dialysis can’t work.

How about Chinese medicine? Chinese medicine idea is invigorating the circulation of blood Drain the collateral channels. Many persons have no idea about main and collateral channels. While just chinese medicine, it is more effective.

The second advantage of chinese medicine is with little side effects. Because chinese medicine are from nature, so it is safe and natural.

So that consider about all the factors of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine that if patients want to treat kidney disease from root that Chinese medicine will be more effective in most time. Of course combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine are the best treatment for kidney disease.

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