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Kidney Failure Patient Reduced Creatinine Level Successful with Chinese Medicine Treatment

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-10-11 10:55

Chinese Medicine,Kidney Failure,Reduced Creatinine Level SuccessfulTreatment for kidney failure in the world mainly are hormone treatment, dialysis and kidney transplant. Dialysis and hormone are more common than kidney transplant for patients. While for kidney failure patients with high creatinine, their funciton do not really good. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

In our hospital we have treated so many patients with kidney failure before. The mainly problem of them is high creatinine level and hard to control with common treatment dialysis and hormone. There is a young girl with kidney failure and have a good treatment in our hospital.

Pang is a patient with kidney failure, at the first time we saw her, both of us thought she is a beautiful girl. While the question is that she looked so emaciated. Before we took treatment for her that she was very fear and anxiety.

She said that she never thought that the illness condition will develop into such kind of serious condition. Due to a better life expectation and a desire for health, she is very active in the treatment of our doctors. Besides coordinate that she usually asked some questions about kidney disease knowledge and diet principle.

Think about that western medcine treatment do not have good effect and damaged her kidneys that our treatment for her is mainly based on Chinese medicine to help her repair kidney damage and restore kidney function.Through less than half a month treatment, her creatinine level reduced, illness condition get control, which make her looks more energetic. The beautiful girl was back again.

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