What are the Staging of Kidney Insufficiency and How to Treat for Them

2016-10-03 10:56

Chinese Medicine,Staging of Kidney Insufficiency,Effective TreatmentWhat are the Staging of Kidney Insufficiency and how to treat for them? There are four stages of kidney insufficiency, look which stage you are now. call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

1. Renal reserve compensatory period

Kidney’s reserve compensatory ability is strong, even your kidney function has been reduced, kidney’s discharge and metabolic products and it won’t effect the function of regulating water and electrolyte balance. It still can meet with your body’s need, no symptoms will appear in this condition, though sometimes check results shows normal, or just shows a little high

2. Renal insufficiency decompensated period

In this stage, damage of glomerular has spread to 60%-75%, kidney ability of discharging and metabolizing wastes has some obstacles. Serum creatinine,BUN has a little high or over the normal level. Symptoms like anemia,fatigue,weight loss, and distraction will disappear. But this stage often be neglected. If symptoms like infection and bleeding appears, some obvious symptoms are coming.

3. kidney failure stage

Kidney damage is serious in this stage, kidney damage degree is up to 75%-95%. Kidney function can’t maintain the stability of inner enviroment. Patients in this stage is easy to fatigue, distraction,etc. Anemia turns to be more obvious, night urine will increase too. In addition, serum creatinine, bun elevation will be obvious, acidosis usually appears, this stage also be called kidney failure.

4. uremia stage

Glomerular damage has been over 95%,serious symptoms appears such as nausea, vomiting, oliguria, swelling, malignant hypertension, serious anemia, skin itching, urine smell in the mouth,etc.

Kidney insufficiency patients must know about the four stages in time, symptom in every stage, and give effective treatment. As long as you can insist on treating, your disease will got control.

About the treatment, of course that combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine will get the best curative for patients no matter which stage they are now.

Besides dialysis, hormone, kidney transplant, that Chinese medicine treatment can be matched with them and treat for patients from root with effective effect and no side effects in most time.

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