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Why Kidney Disease Patient is Easy to Get Anemia and How to Treat It

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-02-18 10:29

Why Kidney Disease Patient is Easy to Get Anemia and How to Treat It

What’s reasons of kidney disease patients, they are easy to get anemia and how to treat it? As we all know that kidney disease will accompanied by many symptoms, including anemia. Anemia always bring weakness, tired, dizzy and so on, so it annoyed people a lot. ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Why kidney disease patient is easy to get anemia?

In fact, healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called EPO. In right condition, EPO can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. However, as kidneys become impaired, less EPO is secreted by kidneys, thus leading to anemia.

How to treat anemia in kidney disease?

Usually, doctor will prescribe some medicines or recommend some supplement to the patient as they got anemia. After taking those medicines and supplement, anemia can be relieved in a while, but once the patient stop taking them the hemoglobin will goes to lower level again.

From the above we can know that anemia is caused by kidney disorder, so the best effective way to treat anemia is to correct the kidney disorder. That is to say as long as you can find the treatment to correct kidney disorder then you can solve anemia permanently.

What kind of treatment can help kidney disease patient get rid of anemia?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine it is helpful for correcting kidney disorder.

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