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Is Cactus Good for IgA Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-08-03 16:52

Is Cactus Good for IgA NephropathyCactus has been used for long time as a healthy vegetable. Also, it can help treat some medical disease, so we call it cactus treatment. Is cactus treatment good for IgA Nephropathy patients? Can IgA Nephropathy patients eat cactus?

IgA Nephropathy, or IgA Nephritis, is one glomerulonephritis that is characterized by hematuria, proteinuria, upper respiratory infections, high blood pressure, back pain and some other symptoms.

Second, know how does cactus help treat IgA Nephropathy.  

Cactus is known as its high content of vitamin B2, fiber, essential amino acid, potassium and some other nutritions. Also, it is low in sodium and sugar. All of these characteristics determine some IgA Nephropathy patients can consume cactus and get benefits, while some others should limit their intake.

IgA Nephropathy and Cactus Treatment   

Is Cactus Good for IgA Nephropathy

- Reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol: It is reported that the reason cactus has this effect is that it contains vitamin B2 and some other vitamins.

- Active blood and improve metabolism: Eating cactus regularly can help prevent sugar from depositing in the body. Also, it can help detoxify the body, by removing more waste products and toxins.

Third, learn about which kind of IgA Nephropathy patients can’t use cactus.   

On one hand, when IgA Nephropathy aggravates into end stage, extra potassium will build up in the body. In this case, patients should develop a low-potassium diet, while cactus is high in potassium. On the other hand, some people may be allergic to cactus.

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