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Is There any Treatment to Control Chronic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-07-29 15:06

Is There any Treatment to Control Kidney DiseaseControl the disease that's causing the kidney damage. One of the most important parts of treatment is to control the disease that is causing kidney damage. You and your doctor will create a plan to aggressively treat and manage your condition to help slow any more damage to your kidneys. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR for free.

If you have diabetes, it is important to control your blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, and medicines. A persistently high blood sugar level can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys. For more information about kidney disease caused by diabetes, see the topic Diabetic Nephropathy.

If you have high blood pressure, it is also important to keep your blood pressure in your target range, for example less than 130/80. To learn ways to help control your blood pressure, see the topic High Blood Pressure.

Take medicines if prescribed

You may be prescribed a blood pressure medicine, such as an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB). These medicines are used to reduce protein in the urine and help manage high blood pressure.

Blood Pollution Therapy

For any renal diseases, they all can induced the polluted blood. Fortunately, Blood Pollution Therapy aims to clear blood, provide nutrition to blood and restore blood, thus enhancing renal function. During the process, different blood purification methods are used to remove wastes and toxins in the blood.

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It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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