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How to Treat Bilateral Renal Cysts with Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-23 11:01

How to Treat Bilateral Renal Cysts with Chinese Medicine“My Creatinine is 1.2 and I am diabetic and have bilateral renal cysts for 15 years. Bilateral renal cysts are condition in which cysts develop on both of kidneys. Generally, the cysts are benign and cause no symptoms.” Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Renal cysts are the most common form of adult kidney abnormalities structure, which can be unilateral or bilateral, one or more, generally about 2cm in diameter, there are up to 10cm in diameter cysts, mainly in men. With age, the incidence of increasingly high, simple renal cysts usually have no symptoms, and only when the cyst compression caused by vascular occlusion or urinary tract obstruction may be a corresponding performance, it may have an impact on renal function.

We usually see kidney cysts, most are simple renal cysts, while the proportion of hereditary renal cystic disease is relatively small. There are some symptoms such as back and abdominal pain, high blood pressure and infections. Less than 20 years of age is almost no simple renal cysts, if less than 20 years of individual cysts, highly suspected congenital kidney problems or hereditary renal cystic disease.

Medicine Osmotherapy can relieve patients’ pain effectively and help them recover gradually. It can expend blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degrading extra cellular matrix, blocking the kidney damage ways. which includes many steps such as foot bath, medical bath. it is good for Renal cysts patients. 

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