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How to Treat Urinating Problem with Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-13 15:04

How to Treat Urinating Problem with Chinese Medicine“I have frequent urinating problem. I feel like need to urinate again even though I just urinate. I need to tell you one thing. some days back I got urine culture test and blood test for this problem. Doctor told me that I got CKD. I was prescribed some tablets. I am just moving my days with this trouble.” This is a patient email.

There are “three high” and “three lows” for Chronic kidney disease patients: the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in patients with high concomitant, high mortality; the whole society awareness of chronic kidney disease is low, prevention rate, associated with low awareness effort off disease. The survey shows that people over 40 with chronic kidney disease prevalence rate of more than 10%, but less than 5% awareness. If you have any questions please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

In our country, glomerulonephritis patients are the most, accounting for 40%. With China's population structure and diet habit changes, and other secondary chronic kidney disease is constantly increasing. Coupled with our current medical standards still limited, resulting in the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease situation facing serious challenges.

There are many CKD patients have edema, vomiting, backache and high creatinine.

Stasis, disinfection (induced degradation of fibroblasts, apoptosis) process; Chinese medicine active substances targeted positioning in renal fibrosis and impairment of myofibroblasts and immune complexes; Tight integration with lesions fibrosis, myofibroblasts and immune complexes.

Our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can relieve patients’ pain effectively and help them recover gradually. It can expend blood vessels, it has the function of anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degrading extra cellular matrix, blocking the kidney damage ways.

If you have any question about our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy please email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or leave message for us. Our professional experts will give you guidance as soon as possible.


It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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