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Chinese Medicine May Reduce High Creatinine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-09 11:13

Chinese Medicine May Reduce High CreatinineChinese Medicine May Reduce High Creatinine. Creatinine 2.9 is higher than the reference value 0.5-1.2mg/dL and it refers to a serious health problem. Kidney disease is the leading cause of high creatinine level and for people with elevated creatinine level in blood, they need to pay extra attention to many aspects. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

Creatinine level in blood increases as failed kidney can not excrete excess creatinine, so tight control of illness is the key point to stop creatinine 2.9 from becoming higher. To achieve this goal, kidney disease patients usually need to control their blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range. Also, reduce protein in urine effectively.

As we have mentioned above, serum creatinine becomes higher and higher with the decrease of kidney function. And it is said creatinine level in blood not increase until a half of kidney function is affected. Therefore, for people with creatinine 2.9, their kidneys have been injured severely. Under such a condition, only when kidney function is restored effectively, can serum creatinine level be lowered successfully. In medicine, many Chinese medicines like Chinese herbs, acupuncture and medicated bath can be used to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and they show great treatment effects in improving kidney condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can relieve patients’ pain effectively and help them recover gradually. It can expend blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degrading extra cellular matrix, blocking the kidney damage ways and improving the GFR, which includes many steps such as foot bath, medical bath. It can alleviate the symptoms. It can reduce high creatinine.

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