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How Can I Reduce Blood Urea Level 200 and Creatinine 2.7 to Normal Level

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-04-23 14:15

How Can I Reduce My Blood Urea Level 200 and Creatinine 2.7 to Normal Level“Hello, doctor, I am suffering from high blood urea and high creatinine recently, how to reduce to normal level? Is there any treatment for treating it?" there are many similar questions about kidney diseases. 

As we all know, Blood urea and creatinine level are two indicators of kidney function, the high level of them reflect that the kidney function has declined to some degree. So it is important for reducing them. But there are many factors may affect them, you had better to know the reasons clearly before you take action to reduce them.

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Except the disease factor, the non-disease factors such as high-protein diet, infection, wound and fever also will cause the level of them to increase, so you should make effective measures to reduce them. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish those reasons, so you’d better seek help from your doctor.

From the number blood urea 200 and creatinine 2.7,  we can see that your kidney function is damaged moderately so you should take treatments immediately. How to reduce them? The key point is to find a proper treatment and make a healthy diet, those two aspects affect the prognosis of this disease directly. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help to improve the kidney function. With the kidney function improved, the high levels of them will lower too. As for the diet, it can increase the curative effect, so you also should pay attention to it.

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