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The Chinese Newest Therapy May Treat CKD Except Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-03-31 14:24

The Chinese Newest Therapy May Treat CKD Except Dialysis“I had suffered from backache, swelling, nausea and legs edema and other pain.” I heard from many patients complained about it and longed for alternative treatment. So if you have any question, free ONLINE DOCTOR can help you know more about your disease condition and our unique treatments directly and quickly.

Taking medicines to control high blood pressure in CKD is common for patients to alleviate their renal lesions. How to treat CKD patients? Generally speaking, there are two kinds of medicine that are used to reduce hypertension in common, which is ACEI and ARB. Two drugs are hypotensor, which can reduce and control high blood pressure well. Apart from above they also play an important in relieving the leakage of protein in urine.

In the background of globalization, there are many foreigners come to our hospital for treating kidney diseases. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy change concept that chronic kidney disease can not be treat well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can expend blood clots, promoting blood circulation for body of immune system. Besides, the active substances in medicine also can absorb and crash the waste in body, and the broken matters can be metabolized with blood circulation. It aims at improving effect and pertinence, which it almost has no side effect. It is based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It uses different medicine to cure according to the patients’ condition.When the hypoxic-ischemic state is remitted and the toxins are cleaned, many complications can be cured and kidney damage ways can be blocked. Moreover, with fresh blood and nutrition in medicine, the injured renal cells can be repaired and kidney function also can be reversed.

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