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What are the Major Function and Features of the Medicated Bath with Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-02-15 09:50

What are the Major Function and Features of the Medicated Bath with Chinese MedicineMedicated bath derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using in improving poor blood circulation for CKD patients. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR for free.

Patients through whole body bath such as foot bath, hip bath and so on. The effective materials are extracted from Chinese herbal medicine. It is easier to take this measure effectively than other treatment of taking drugs.

What are major functions of Medicated Bath? Wastes in the body are removed by the measures of sweating and detoxifying.

What are the major features of Medicated Bath? It is good for treating gynaopathy and repairing the birth canal, and suitable for women. It also can have function of hemostasis, anti-inflammation. It remedies or beatifies some skin disease, diminish itching. It is benefit for increasing stomach to wriggle and digestion.

It can alleviate fatigue; reduce the pain of the muscle and joint; enhance microcirculation of the whole body so as to help remove the metabolic products and bring more oxygen, it can improve sleep quality, systemic circulation, immunity.

Medicated bath can prevent cold and trachitis effectively and significantly improve immune ability.

Patients should be immersing into the medicated bathtub with full water about 30 minutes. The medicated water will penetrate into the internal body tissue after the body’s pore open completely. Besides it is little side effect than drugs.

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