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Is There a Link Between FSGS and Kidney Cyst

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-10 11:26

Question: I have one friend who has both FSGS and kidney cyst. We have never heard other people have both of these two kidney diseases. Can you help me analyze this medical case?

Is There a Link Between FSGS and Kidney CystAnswer: Firstly, I need to know patient’s age, since FSGS occurs commonly in children and young adults but kidney cysts usually appear in elderly adults. From this analysis, we can know the onset of these two kidney disorders have big difference. This is why it is so rare that FSGS and kidney cyst appears in same person.

Of course, FSGS can increase the incidence of kidney cyst, because it may be associated with autoimmune disorder and internal environment disorder. In this case, what we need to do is to manage patients’ medical condition promptly.

In western medicine, steroids and immunosuppressants are usually given to treat FSGS, while surgery is used to remove large kidney cyst but it can do nothing for small kidney cyst. In Chinese medicine, doctors prefer to recommend systemic treatments. According to patients’ illness condition, doctors will choose to deal with FSGS or kidney cyst firstly.

To treat FSGS, doctors of TCM use Polluted Blood Therapy or Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy. Through cleansing immune complexes, regulating immune system and repairing damaged kidney cells, these treatments can deal with FSGS from the root. As for kidney cyst, traditional Chinese medicine is used. To learn more about these treatments, you can send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, so we can give you some personalized advices.


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