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Creatinine 6.7: Best Treatment to Lower It for FSGS Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-29 11:35

Question: I have FSGS and my creatinine level is 6.7 mg/dl. Also, I have high blood pressure and diabetes but no heart problem. I want to ask best treatment to lower my creatinine 6.7 and mange my FSGS kidney disease.

Creatinine 6.7: Best Treatment to Lower It for FSGS PatientsAnswer: FSGS kidney disease refers to kidney scarring appearing in kidney filters, also known as glomeruli. Creatinine 6.7 is much higher than the normal value, and it may indicate your FSGS has developed into stage 4 or even end stage kidney disease. In view of this, treatments that only aim at lowering creatinine level are not enough. Today, we are here to introduce some treatments that can not only lower high creatinine level but also repair damaged kidney cells.

Firstly, some detoxification medicines are needed. Many medicines, both in Chinese medicine and western medicine, can help stimulate kidneys to remove more waste products from the body. Diuretics, ketosteril, dandelion root, nettle leaf, etc, are common choices.

Secondly, some other treatments are needed to cleanse blood further. Enema therapy is able to increase intestinal tract excretion so that more wastes including creatinine can be discharged out of the body. Medicated Bath can improve blood circulation and prompt sweating, so as to reduce the burden on kidneys.

Finally, some herbal medicines which have the property of repairing damaged cells are needed. Some herbal medicines are proven to be safe and effective on fixing damaged kidney filters and improving patients’ kidney function level. Therefore, they can deal with FSGS kidney disease and lower creatinine level from the root.

If you have anything unclear you can consult the doctor online, they will give you the answer timely.


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