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What to Do with Deep Cyst of 20 mm In the Lower Pole of Left Kidney

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-28 11:02

Question: I am 27 years old, and I have one deep cyst of 20 mm in the lower pole of the left kidney. Now, I don’t have blood in urine but protein not sure. Do I need to go for any surgery? What can I do?

What to Do with Deep Cyst of 20 mm In the Lower Pole of Left KidneyAnswer: Simple kidney cyst usually appears in elderly people. Generally speaking, 27 years old are still too young to have kidney cyst. If it does occur, patients may also have some other problems such as Lupus, kidney disorder, etc. Consult doctor online to see whether you have underlying cause and accept proper treatment timely.

As for deep cyst of 20 mm, surgery can’t do anything. On one hand, surgery is not recommended if kidney cyst develops in deep location, because it may increase the risks of surgery. On the other hand, 20 mm is not enough big to accept surgery. Since you still don’t have any symptom, read on to find out some natural remedies.

Today, we would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. For people with kidney cyst, this therapy has four typical effects.

- Help manage kidney cyst symptoms and complications

- Drain sac fluid in kidney cysts

- Inhibit fluid from filling into cysts

- Protect kidney functioning tissues

If you want to learn more about this treatment, welcome to leave a message below or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.


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