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How to Prevent Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-11 17:01

Question: My son is 4years old and he was diagnosed with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome a month ago.... And is currently doing the tapering of prednisone...has milk and egg allergy... We have completely changed his diet now and my questions are: Is there a possibility that with a controlled diet and the preventive measures to avoid the infections.. My son will never relapse, even after his dosage is completely stopped... Can he actively be involved in sports? Does sports build up immune system?

How to Prevent Nephrotic Syndrome RelapseDoctor: The majority of children who present with idiopathic Nephropathy Syndrome have minimal change disease. And they usually response well with the steroid therapy. But the common problem is that it is easily to relapse.

The reason why it relapses easily is that Nephrotic Syndrome is not only kidney disease, but also have relationship with your immune system. Though steroid can control these symptoms, it can not regulate the immune system. Once cold, fever, infection and so on occur, it may lead to the relapse. However, the prognosis of minimal change disease is very good. Even the disease relapses, it can be controlled with steroid under normal circumstances. Only few people develop to end stage kidney disease.

It is possible to avoid the infections with a controlled diet and preventive measures. But I cannot promise the disease will never relapse. If you can choose some therapies that can not only treat the symptoms, but also improve immune system, you son may never relapse.

A controlled diet includes low-sodium, low but high quality protein, limited water, high vitamins, etc. You said you son had milk and egg allergy. He could eat other high quality protein instead, such as lean meat and fish. Besides, if you can do preventive measures to prevent him from cold and infection, it is beneficial.

As to the sports, he can do some suitable for him. It is really helpful for improving immune system. The type of sports, intensity and duration should be made according to your son’s medical condition. If you can email your son’s test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com, our nephrologists will give you the detailed exercise plan after analyzing.

At last, hope your son recovers as early as possible.


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