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Toxin-Removing Therapy Helps Reduce Your Creatinine 9 Naturally

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-07-25 10:59

Toxin-Removing Therapy Helps Reduce Your Creatinine 9 NaturallyQ: Sir my mom has High Creatinine Level of 7.9 in the month of June, in the month of July it is reached 9 she has not taken any tablet yet regarding creatinine.

Kidney-Expert: Her creatinine level is very high than normal level, does she start Kidney Dialysis?

Q: Dr has prescribed us dialysis. Kindly help us leave it out sir what should we do I am desperately need your help.

Kidney-Expert: Do not worry, we will do utmost to help you avoid dialysis. The most basic way is to improve her kidney function let her kidney filters wastes and toxins itself. As long as her kidney works again, these harmful substances in the blood will be discharged via urine.

Q: So what therapy you suggest?

Kidney-Expert: Toxin-Removing Therapy is our characteristic treatment which helps cleanse blood effectively to create good environment for kidney self-repairing and increase medication efficiency.

Q: Does it harm for us?

Kidney-Expert: It is based on our Traditional Chinese Medicine and will be chosen to make treatment according to the patient’s illness condition. Thus you should feel relieved.

I’d like to send you more related info about alternative treatment advice to help, do you have your phone number or whatsapp for us to send the details?

Q: Yes sir my number is here. WhatsApp number is same. Urea is 12.1 and Creatinine is 9.0.

Kidney-Expert: Ok, I will contact you in 24 hours. Please check your phone timely.

Q: Sir thank you so much I have all current reports will share you on whatsapp I desperately need your help sir.

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