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Can You Explain Toxin-Removing Therapy for FSGS

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-07-19 11:17

Can You Explain Toxin-Removing Therapy for FSGSQ: Hi, I am first time hearing about Toxin-Removing Therapy plan. Need to hear more about it.

Kidney-Expert : Ok, do you have Kidney Disease?

Q: Yes, I have FSGS and dump a large amount of proteins. I am now getting my 5 round of chemo soon. I need another plan.

First biopsy showed Minimal Change. Second FSGS.

Kidney-Expert: Are you taking any treatment now?

Q: Yes, too many medicines to list. Rituxan and steroids amount many others.

Kidney-Expert: I see. Steroids and other western medicines just can relieve your symptoms temporarily, but kidney lesion in FSGS still exists. However, our Toxin-Removing Treatment is created to repair these kidney lesions and improve renal function from the root.

As for your large amount of proteinuria, this therapy can repair the damaged glomeruli to keep protein in the body effectively. In this way, proteinuria will disappear naturally.

Q: Does it cause side effects?

Kidney-Expert: Toxin-Removing Treatment is invented based on Traditional Chinese Medicines from nature, thus it is healthy and safe for you and others, child and adults.

For time limited, we can contact on phone number or WhatsApp and email conveniently. Can you tell me your contact ways?

Q: My email and phone number are here. Please… Waiting for your response, thank you doctor.

Kidney-Expert: You’re welcome. You can also contact us by email kidney-healthy@hotmail.com or WhatsApp/Viber: +86 13503211882, +86 18730617149, Skype: abc.kidney


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