The Differences of PKD and Renal Cyst and Diagnosis

2017-06-03 16:58

The Differences of PKD and Renal Cyst and Diagnosis,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyActually, Renal Cyst (includes multiple) is different with Polycystic Kidney Disease. However, what are the differences of PKD and renal cyst?

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Now we will introduce their differences from three aspects:

1. Pathogenesis

PKD, in general, is often bilateral disease, autosomal inheritance disease. Renal cyst is bilateral disease or unilateral disease; parts of cysts are congenital but majority are acquired.

2. The fluid in cysts

The cystic fluid of PKD: Its color is light yellow, and it contains urea acid and urea nitrogen and other materials. Sometimes it is reddish brown.

The cystic wall of renal cyst is thin containing crystal serous fluid inside the cyst.

3. Harm

PKD is often accompanied with high blood pressure, Hematuria, Proteinuria, Kidney Stone, urinary tract infection, and Kidney Failure and other related symptoms. ESRD patients caused by PKD account for 7% to 10% of total Kidney Dialysis patients.

As for renal cyst, majority are simple cysts less seen the above symptoms. The common symptoms are back pain or flank pain, and abdominal mass.

How to diagnose PKD and renal cyst?

Both PKD and renal cyst can be diagnosed by ultrasound, CT and other imaging examination. But PKD also can combine family history to diagnose. Currently, it also can diagnose whether bring PKD genes via gene linkage analysis.

Genetic PKD can inherit to offspring?

To be honest, if a parent has PKD, the heredity rate is 50%; if both parents have PKD, the disease rate is up to 75%. But it does not mean the offspring must get PKD even if both father and grandfather have PKD.

If you are diagnosed with PKD or Renal Cyst, please take effective to control the progression and protect further kidney function. In China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective one. If you have any doubt, please consult us directly.

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