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What Does Creatinine 11 Mean

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-07 16:45

Question: My brother in law is 32 years old. He has high blood pressure and severe headache. The blood tests show his creatinine level is 11mg/dl. What does creatinine 11 mean? Does creatinine 11 indicate for kidney failure and dialysis?

What Does Creatinine 11 MeanAnswer: Creatinine 11mg/dl is much higher than the normal value (0.5~1.3 mg/dl). In most cases, creatinine 11 means patients’ chronic kidney failure has developed into stage 5 and it is the time to begin dialysis. However, because kidney patients’ condition differs from person to person, some patients can still live without dialysis, while some others have to start dialysis immediately.

Most often, patients’ diet, lifestyle, complications and remaining kidney function determine the answer for individuals. If patients don’t have any discomfort except creatinine 11, they are recommended to receive some kidney repairing therapies like Hot Compress Therapy. Through stimulating the body self-healing system and increasing the damaged kidney cells enough blood and oxygen, damaged but not necrotic kidney cells can recover to work gradually. Once kidney function is improved, patients can avoid dialysis successfully.

However, if patients also have severe complications such as acidosis and refractory swelling, they have to begin dialysis as soon as possible. In addition, they can use some treatments to improve their kidney function. To learn more about these treatments, you can leave a message to kidney experts at kidney healthy web.


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