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Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Kidney Failure on Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-03-21 13:59

Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Kidney Failure on DialysisHi, I have Kidney Failure been on Kidney Dialysis for 3 years with less urine output for 3 years. Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help me? Thank you

To be frankly, when there is less or even no urine output, it means your kidney function has been lost to less than 15% or even 10%, and your kidney has been damaged seriously. In this case, the fundamental treatment should take effective treatment to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function to let you produce some urine.

Why does dialysis cause less and less urine for patients?

Dialysis can replace parts of function of kidney to discharge the extra toxins and wastes, but it can not repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. During the dialysis treatment, kidney function still keeps deteriorating continuously. Once kidney fails totally, it will not remove the wastes and toxins and extra fluid out of the body. Therefore you will have no urine.

Long-term no urine will cause a series of complications, such as swollen abdomen, Edema in face, legs, or feet, as well as weight increase. If the lung is flooded with water, you will suffer shortness of breath. So dialysis patients with no urine output should limit the water intake strictly.

How to improve kidney function with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

In this case, your kidney has been damaged severely, so we just can help you live a better life or reduce the dialysis frequency with Osmotherapy through dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, preventing the further inflammation and coagulation, and providing nutrients and oxygen to kidney.

Please pay attention: if you just stop urinating recently, it is urgent to take effective treatment to improve kidney function. More information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for dialysis patients, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Best wishes!

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