Creatinine 9 in CKD Stage 5: What We Have to Do No Dialysis

2017-02-22 15:07

Creatinine 9 in CKD Stage 5: What We Have to Do No DialysisHi, my mother is a CKD stage 5 patient with High Creatinine Level 9. What we have to do to reduce it to normal?

The reason of High Creatinine Level is the damaged kidney intrinsic cells. Once kidneys are damaged, kidneys fail to filter the excess toxins and waste substances out of the body. The excess wastes also include creatinine.

First, we should cleanse the polluted blood from the root.

Do you know why we have to cleanse blood first? If there are too many toxins and wastes in blood, the medicines you take will be counteracted by them, at the same time these medicines will become to wastes accumulated in blood. The toxins and wastes will be more and more.

Second, we should repair the damaged kidney intrinsic cells.

We have to take proper and effective treatments to repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells so that kidney can discharge the extra toxins and wastes in the body. In this way, the symptoms caused by harmful substances can be relieved naturally.

Third, we should protect the residual kidney function from further damage.

Kidney Dialysis is effective to remove the toxins and wastes of blood temporarily, however, it can neither repair kidney lesion nor protect kidney function from further damage. Thus increasing patients are finding the alternative of dialysis.

From the above analysis, Toxin-Removing Therapy can meet the three requirements simultaneously. This therapy is created on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a systemic treatment which includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (has been proven to be effective for Kidney Disease), Medicated Bath Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, etc. The specific treatment plan is made considering your illness condition, so it is different from case to case. With the help of these treatments, high creatinine level 9 will be reduced naturally without dialysis.

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